The owner Story

Sihem Benali, owner of Biosecrets

Sihem Benali and Argan Oil share the same roots: they both originate from North Africa.

Despite her love for the region and culture, Sihem had no choice but to leave the shores of North Africa, escaping the hardships of a 10 year long civil war which devastated her country. Today, Sihem calls Canada home. “I arrived with $100 in my pocket, an empty suitcase, and full of dreams” she recalls “yet, I was so grateful for the opportunity of a new beginning”.

Upon her arrival in Canada, Sihem joined the workforce in the field of finance, working for a major banking institution. Although her career in finance was promising, she decided to leave the industry to pursue her passion for Argan Oil with other women, while contributing to the emancipation of Moroccan Berber women. Via her Responsible Cosmetics Plan, Sihem inspires to provide women with the safest and most natural cosmetic alternatives while fostering sustainable development and empowering Berber women. “If through Biosecrets, I am able to defend the dignity of hard working Berber women and to strengthen their capacity of self-help, I will consider this business undertaking to be a complete success” Sihem believes.




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