Quality of Our Argan Oil

Since Biosecrets imports the most natural and organic form of Argan oil, a slight nutty scent remains as a result of the cold press extraction process. Although this scent is faint and not overpowering, it allows the customer to know that they truly have purchased the 100% organic and all natural Argan oil that is sure to work on all skin types. Unfortunately some competitors use a dry-steam deodorization process, in which the oil temperature is increased to levels that damage the quality of the oil. Others even add chemical solvents that can strip away the organic properties from the argan oil. Many claim that these modifications bring no difference in effectiveness, but the deodorization process alone removes the scent along with many important nutrients that make this oil so efficient in the first place. To enhance your  beauty ritual  you can easily mix the argan oil with the essential oil of your choice. 

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