Based on a True Story

Sihem Benali, owner of Biosecrets

Sihem and Argan oil share the same roots: they both originate from North Africa. Most importantly, they share a long love story which dates back to when Sihem first discovered the amazing benefits of argan oil.“In North Africa, long slick, shiny hair is the epiphany of beauty” she comments with rolling eyes. “Born with frizzy hair, I was “ironing” it on a daily basis to try and straighten it” she explains, while pointing to her frizzy roots. If it were not for the amazing nourishing and protective properties of argan oil, I can honestly say that I would have been completely bald by now” she concludes with a big laugh, disguising that typical sign of relief expressed only by those who have avoided a hair catastrophes.

“Argan powers extend well beyond hair nourishment”, Sihem adds, explaining why argan oil is a must have in the beauty arsenal of any woman. “For instance, it is well established that North African women age very well. Their skin remains radiant, with very few wrinkles, well beyond their forties and even fifties. Most of these women never use any modern cosmetics, in fact applying argan oil on their face is very often the only comprehensive daily beauty regimen these women use” she explains.

Despite her love for the region and culture, Sihem had no choice but to leave the shores of North Africa, escaping the hardships of a 10 year long civil war which devastated her country. Today, Sihem calls Canada home. “I arrived with $100 in the pocket, with an empty suitcase, full only of dreams” she recalls “yet, I was so grateful for the opportunity of a new beginning’.

Upon her arrival in Canada, she joined the workforce in the field of finance, working for a major banking institution. Although her career in finance was promising, Sihem’s yearning to share her “argan love story” with other women, while making a difference for vulnerable women in North-Africa inevitably paved the way for the launch of Biosecrets. Sihem’s resolve, through her Responsible Cosmetics Manifesto, is to provide women with the safest and most natural cosmetic alternatives while fostering sustainable development and empowering women around the world.“If through Biosecrets I am able to help even one other woman to get the opportunity of a “new beginning”, I would consider my business venture a total success” Sihem concludes, with the intense stare of those on a mission.




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